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Surf school - surf lessons Lewis with Surf Lewis

Fun Surf lessons in the Hebrides

Our surf lessons are designed to get you up and riding quickly, having fun in maximum safety.

  • Surf Lesson - £35 per person.

    The surf lesson consists of a 2.5 hour session, either morning, afternoon or evening.

    The beginner surf lesson is an ‘ABC’ structured lesson approved by the British Surfing Association. This takes you from a complete beginner to a stage where you will be standing up (or attempting to anyway!)

    You will learn about beach safety and awareness, your surf equipment, how to find the correct lying position on the board, paddling technique, how to get through the waves, how to catch a wave, then we will look at how to stand up!.

    For those that have surfed before I can offer a progressing lesson, which will include, developing correct technique, video coaching and tutorials.

    In relation to our lessons, our priorities are your safety and enjoyment, so, we will pick a suitable place to hold your lesson on the day of your booking.

    If you are a beginner we will take you to a gentle shelving beach such as; Coll, Tolastadh, Gary or Gress beaches, on the east coast of the island, or Europie, Dalmore or Port Nis on the west side.

    We also provide surf lessons throughout the beaches of Harris.

    We are based in Stornoway, the main town in the Hebrides and we will travel to meet you at a designated point to take your lesson. There are plenty more beautiful beaches further afield which are easily found on any map. The good thing about Lewis and Harris is nothing is too far away.

  • Extra lessons : £30 per person / lesson

    If added at time of initial booking.

  • One to one Coaching: £30 per Hour

    Minimum 2 hour booking

  • Groups: 15% off for booking 6 or more in one session.

    Stag and Hen parties welcome.

  • Schools and colleges:

    Further discounted rates, please contact us for more information.




Surf Lewis have compiled this list of FAQ's for your convenience and information. We hope they help with any other queries you might have about our services or your lessons.

  • Q: Is it safe?
    A: Safety is our first priority. All of our surf instructors are qualified, CPR and first aid certified and have been trained in sea, beach and surf lifesaving techniques.  

  • Q: Will I be out of my depth?
    A: Not in our beginner lessons. In these you will only be in the water up to your waist or chest depth.

  • Q: What's a typical lesson like?
    A: For complete beginners we follow the British Surfing Association "ABC" lesson which covers: safety, warm up, equipment features, hazards, getting out through the waves and catching them lying down, paddling, then standing and finally cool down and stretching. A series of lessons can be booked for a reduced rate in order to increase the chances of success and ensure progression. Each session will take about two and a half hours of content, but expect to be with us for about three hours. This is why it is important to try to be on time for your lesson.

  • Q: Who Can Learn to Surf?
    A: Anyone can learn to surf. Different people learn at different speeds. The most important thing for the beginner is to have an awesome time and want to try the sport more. Don't get too hung up on not looking like a pro straight off, just go with it and enjoy. As long as you have fun and are within our safety parameters, then great!

  • Q: Do I have to be able to swim?
    A: Yes, you have to be able to swim 50m unaided in a pool. If you have any medical conditions then these must be declared on the consent form.    

  • Q: Do I need to bring anything with me?
    A: You will need to bring a towel and some swim wear (preferably not board shorts if you are going to wear it under your wetsuit). Bring some food and water if you can as this is an active sport and lesson, so you will be hungry afterwards. Bring some sunscreen in case its hot (especially for the kiddies), don't worry if you forget as we will usually have some  

  • Q: Do I have to rent equipment as well as pay for my lesson?
    A: No, all equipment rental is included in the price of your lesson. This included board and leash, wetsuit, boots (gloves and hoods also available if required) If you just want to rent equipment without a lesson, then, yes you have to pay for that.  

  • Q: Do we need to fill out any forms before taking part?
    A: Yes, you will need to fill out a consent and medical form, don't worry its very simple, We just need to know if you have any conditions we need to look out for in the water for your safety, such as asthma etc.

If you have any additional questions then please Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help.